Rustic Work Table / Desk

I think this was a writing desk at one time. The previous owner spray painted it with a silvery-gray hammered finish paint and added a towel rack to the back. I'm not sure what it was re-purposed for, but I'm guessing it was perhaps used as a work table in a kitchen. But who knows? It looked like the veneer from the top was removed and there are a couple of splits in the wood. But otherwise the construction is sturdy. It has a center drawer for storage.



Towel rack?

I think this shot best shows the hammered finish.

The wood is split down the middle.
When I first bought it my initial plan was to paint it pretty and make it back into a writing desk. But my design evolved as I worked on the project. I sanded the paint off the top with my orbital sander and I liked the look of the wood and the crack certainly gave it a rustic feel. So instead of pretty I decided to work with what I have and go with a rustic look.


I stained the top in Java Gel (General Finishes) and wiped off the excess stain. It was still rather dark so after it dried I hand sanded it to give it a worn finish.

Stained in Java Gel (General Finishes)

I roughed up the stain and removed the towel rack.

I lightly sanded the base to remove the texture from the hammered finish spray paint.

I hand sanded the base to remove the "hammered" paint texture.

Next I painted a base coat of Graphite and three coats of Primer Red (both Annie Sloan Chalk Paint). I used a damp wash cloth to remove some of the red to reveal black around the details. Finally I applied a soft clear wax followed by a dark wax. I painted the knobs in Graphite.

Base coat of Graphite (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

3 coats of Primer Red


Now it has a new "rustic" look and feel. It will make a great work table for projects of for gardening or folding laundry. A towel rack or hooks could be added depending on what it's used for. It could still be used as a writing desk, but I would recommend having a glass top custom cut if used for that purpose.

As I mentioned the top coat is painted in Primer Red. It's a deep red with brown undertones. However in the outdoor photos in the sunlight it almost looks like it has an orange-ish tone to it. Well, it doesn't really. I added a photo at the end of this post that shows it indoors in my booth and I think that photo shows the true color better.

Java gel stain with a Primer Red finish.

The top has a worn and rustic finish.

The previous "hammered" paint finish was removed
and now it has a smooth finish.

This close up shows how the Graphite peeks through.
I painted the knobs in Graphite and added dark wax.

There's still a split in the top, but it adds to the rustic charm.
A custom cut piece of glass could be added.

And here's a photo of the table in the booth.

Booth #139 in Row 5 at The Lebanon Peddler's Mall.

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