Grandma's Table and Chairs

This table and chair set was passed down to my client from her grandmother. I should say our grandmother since my client is my sister! My sister asked me to paint the set for her. Since she lives out of town (she thinks I live out of town) I initially planned to spend a week in early August visiting and working on the set, but I had a scheduling conflict and had to cancel the trip. So instead we only had two days over the Labor Day weekend to get it done.


Luckily my sister and brother-in-law, Kathy and Jeff, were willing to help, and as they saying goes "many hands make light work". Well they probably wouldn't agree with "light" work; it was a lot of work especially with temperatures in the 90's and high humidity. But for me it was a lot of fun working with them. 

The table is solid wood and had a shiny veneer top. It also has two leaves which I painted as well. They don't actually use the leaves, but if they need to use them they are ready and waiting. The chairs were manufactured by S. Bent & Bros. and includes four chairs and two arm chairs. Do to the limited time frame we were working under, we focused on the 4 chairs and Kathy and Jeff will finish the remaining chairs on their own.


The kitchen was recently remodeled and my sister wanted to brighten the space with a painted set. She selected Old Ochre (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) for the entire set. There was also a microwave cart which she wanted painted the same color. I was a little concerned that it might be too bland with all one color, but now that it's finished I will publicly admit she was right in her choice of color scheme.

Here's a few photos of us working. On Day 1 we applied two coats of paint to the table, leaves, chairs, and microwave cart. I applied a polyurethane to the table top and let it dry overnight. The rest of the pieces were sanded and soft waxed on Day 2. We also squeezed in a couple of parties, visiting, and card games.

Best helpers ever!
They're still smiling (sort of).
It was really hot outdoors.
One down three to go.
Paint drying.
I snapped a photo of Max while the paint was drying.
And a quick shot of Layla. She's a little shy,
but was sweet enough to pose for the photo.


I kept asking questions about how they wanted the finished product. Basically I was told they don't want it to look like brown wood, so anything I do is OK. Easiest clients ever. My sister did say she wanted a more vintage farmhouse look to the set, so I added some distressing which you can see in some of the photos.

Staged with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
The chair pads coordinate nicely with the new color.
Light distressing was added to the edges to give it a naturally worn look.
I added distressing to the top of the chairs as well,
 but the camera didn't pick up the details.
I added distressing to the table edge, but left the top un-distressed.
I love the base of the table.
Another shot of the base.
This photo shows a little more clearly the worn look applied to the table's edge.
Almost forgot the microwave cart!
My sister is selecting new handles, so it's not quite finished.
I love the quality of the furniture produced by S. Bent & Bros.
Additional distressing applied to the backs of the chairs.
My beautiful Mom :-)

We wrapped up the project on Sunday and headed back home on Monday. I hope you got to enjoy the long Labor Day weekend as much as I did.

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