Eureka! I Found a Chair for the Vanity!

This beautiful vanity needed a chair. 
I've been on the lookout for a chair or stool that I could pair with a vanity that I already finished. The space in between the drawers of the vanity was narrow and most chairs I've come across have been too wide. Or they would fit but were not the right style such as the upholstered vanity that I recently bought (I'll use it with another vanity that I have). I took a chance on this chair at an auction and luckily it fit like a glove!


This chair isn't a perfect match, but it is vintage and I believe from the same time period (1930's - 1940's?). The spindles on the chair compliment the legs of the vanity.

Similar time period and design.
The chair has beautiful floral carvings but they are somewhat worn away.


The bottom of the seat needed some love.


I painted the chair in the same color scheme as the vanity (Old White and Paris Grey).

The wood on the seat of the chair is rock solid but it isn't smooth. It's not rough in a snaggly sort of way, but what I can only describe as textured. (I'm sure the word I'm looking for will come to me after I post this.) So I played up the vintage worn look with distressing.

The seat has worn gracefully through the ages.
It isn't necessary to paint the bottom of the chair seat, but I went ahead and painted it to give it a totally finished look. Oh and by the way, I noticed how bad my porch looks in the photos. Yes it's a little dirty (don't judge), but mostly it is wet because the contractors we hired to power wash the house just left. The decking is made of Trex and it discolors over time and is due for a washing. We use bleach diluted with water to clean it, but won't do that for another couple of weeks yet.

As I mentioned the carvings were somewhat worn. I went ahead and distressed the area and work with the worn finish.
Beautiful carvings.
I snapped a photo with my cell phone of the chair at my booth along with the vanity. I have a pretty basic phone and it doesn't take fancy photos. But this photo shows how nicely the chair and vanity look together.
A perfect pair!


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