Desk Part 4: Adding Color

Previously on Part 3 of the Desk Series I painted the trim and added raised stencils to the panels. Finally it's time to add some color to the desk!  

I applied two coats of a custom mix of Louis Blue to the panels and drawer fronts. Then I took a damp washcloth and wiped the blue from the stenciled area to reveal the black underneath. 

Finally I sanded and waxed the painted finishes. Oh and in-between I painted the hardware and the interior of the drawers. Oftentimes it's not necessary to paint the drawers, in fact I avoid it if at all possible. But these drawers needed it for sure.

Here are photos of the after. "After" is used loosely; I'm undecided about the intensity of the blue and debating on adding a glaze to either darken it or tone it down. I like the blue but there might be too much contrast with the dark stain on the top. Or maybe I should paint the top to match the trim?  What do you think?

Project summary:

Base coat of shellac (x 2)
Java Gel stain on top
Old Ochre on trim, hardware, and drawer bottoms (x 2)
Raised stencil on panels
Custom mix Louis Blue & Old Ochre on panels and drawers (x 2)


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