End Table; Chateau Grey & Old White

My latest project is an end table manufactured by Mersman. It had seen better days, but I hope it will see many more fabulous days to come. The new color scheme has a hint of color while still remaining neutral.


Mersman was known for its quality manufacturing and production of end tables. This table didn't require any repairs, but it needed a good scrubbing with soap and water, steel wool, and a razor to get it ready for painting. (Actually I sanitize all the items I buy used with Lysol, too.)

Lots of dirt that needed scrubbing off.
More dirt and what-not.
Stickers, too!
Manufacturer's mark underneath: "Mersman 35-22".


The "before" was a nice looking table, but it needed more than a good scrubbing to bring it back into service. For the base I choose Chateau Grey which I would describe as a muted green. The top and accents are painted in Old White. I almost chose black for the top, but I chose Old White at the last minute. I think the white helps brighten the grey. I painted the hardware in Graphite for contrast.

I sanded the entire piece and lightly distressed around the edges. The top seemed a bit plain, so I gave the border of the top a medium distressed finish. For the last step I applied soft wax and buffed it for a shiny smooth finish.

The table has a deep drawer which offers great storage.
I love the details of the corners and legs.
There is medium distressing around the edges,
but it doesn't show up well in the photo.
Deep drawer for storage.
Side view. There are panels around each of the sides.
Top view.
Here's a close up of the distressing on the top.
It's subtle enough to give it just the right look of a well-loved piece.
I finally bit the bullet and purchased business cards!
I am using the cards to tag items in the booth.
I am always curious what everyone else prices their items at.
So in case you're curious, I am asking $75.00.

Dimensions: 28" deep x 24" wide x 21" high.


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