A Pair of Vintage Mirrors

I feel very fortunate to have a pair of vintage wood-framed mirrors. Especially so because I bought the matching pair on two separate shopping trips. After I purchased the first one, I spotted the match the next week. You bet I snatched it up!


I scored the pair on
2 separate shopping trips!
The finish wasn't horrible, but it bordered on being a slightly dated. And it was a LOT dirty. I don't think the photos show just how much grime there was. I sanitized the pieces both front and back and then scrubbed with soap and water. I used a Q-tip to clean around the tight spots of the appliques. 

After two rounds of cleaning there was still dirt!
It took another couple scrubbing sessions to
get these clean enough to paint.


I considered painting these something over-the-top-fabulous colors, but in the end the business person inside of me said to better stick with something neutral. I decided on a slightly weathered finish using Paris Grey and Old White.  This pair would look stunning hung side by side with a console, buffet, or dresser in between them. Alternatively, an infinity mirror affect (Affect or effect? Hopefully one of my nerdy sisters will spot this and set me straight) could be created by hanging them directly opposite each other, or next to each other on two corner walls which would be great for a large walk-in closet or dressing area.

Beautiful details for just the right amount of elegance.
Curved bottoms mirror the curves on the top of the frame.
The mirrored glass is in excellent condition.
This pair would work great hung in a corner for a dressing area.

Example of the infinity mirror affect.
Let me tell you that mirrors are, for me, tough to photograph! Two mirrors at the same time are even tougher! You need to take into account the angle you are shooting at so you don't end up in the photo. Next you need to take into account the area that will be reflected in the mirror. These mirrors were even harder because the bottoms are curved and they are really meant to be hung on the wall. But I couldn't bring myself to put nail holes into the wall just for a photo shoot. In the end I propped them up against a wall in my upstairs hallway and ended up balancing on my tippy-toes on the top step of the landing to keep myself out of the photos. I'll leave you with a few shots of me trying to figure out that it's not easy to photograph mirrors!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
If I scootch over to the side. . . nope that doesn't work.
Lean over, suck in tummy, lose 15 pounds, etc., ha ha!


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