The Thrill of the Hunt!

Thrift Store Treasures!
What an awesome day today was! The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was above freezing. Whoo hoo! There's another winter storm on the way tonight, but that's another story. Today we (my husband and I) planned (I planned and sprung it on him) to hit the thrift stores for furniture shopping. We got a bit of a late start, and I was worried all the bargains would be gone. The first stop was slim pickings, but I did manage to find a few items. We went to another store and hit the jackpot! My heart was beating a mile a minute hoping that I would get to the treasures before someone else snatched them up. I couldn't believe that people weren't fighting over this stuff, but hey to each their own. I'll be adding these to my Upcoming Projects tab. Below are photos of what I found (please excuse the background mess -- my house is full of booth items at the moment):

Solid wood end table. Manufactured by Mersman.

Odds and ends for photo shoots and/or decorating the booth.

Love the pink! It was made in Italy and hand painted.
There is a small surface crack, but it was too pretty to pass by.

This is a candlestick holder.
I plan to paint it and give it a shabby chic look.
An assortment of framed prints. This is what I was really looking for.
They are needed to give some color to the plain
white walls in the booth (not allowed to paint the walls).

Reminds me of summer!

A pair of fruit prints. Peaches and pears.
Early 1900's vanity! We took the mirror off to move it.
It is so pretty and elegant. My husband spotted this one!
Here's the mirror to the vanity. Well the mirror is long gone,
but I will have another one made.
Either that or I will leave it off and turn the vanity into a desk.
Three Forever Stamps were inside one of the vanity's drawers.
A wood framed mirror! I love this one; keep reading and
 I will reveal why it's extra special!
Aren't the details pretty? I'm not sure what colors I will paint it.
This is why the mirror is so special!
No you are not seeing double, so don't adjust your monitor.
I bought one mirror last week and found the match to the pair today!
Talk about luck! Another lady at the check out line said she almost bought the mirror
but didn't because she wanted a pair. I invited her to watch my blog :-)


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