Vintage Drexel Nightstands

I know these nightstands aren't too new, but I have no idea just how "vintage" they are. My guess is anywhere from 1970's to 1990's. They were manufactured by Drexel Furniture and the company is still in business. Drexel's website has a link to inquire about the history of their pieces, so I emailed the company about a month ago to get more information, but I haven't heard back from them yet. The back of each nightstand is stamped with "7105-449-2839 FMSF-71-7A Drexel Furn. Co. 4 774"I'll update this blog post if and when I have more information. 

What I do know is that Drexel is known for its high quality manufacturing of furniture, and this pair of nightstands is no exception. They are made of solid wood with a veneer over the top.


I found the pair at a local thrift store. Overall they were in fabulous condition except for needing one minor repair. The previous owner painted both pieces at some point and replaced the original hardware. The previous paint job actually held up quite well, but I did not like the red and black color combination. Also, it was a bit messy in the unfinished areas, for instance there weren't clean lines in the back or inside the drawers.

I didn't care for the red and black color combination.
Ugh! Messy paint lines in the unfinished areas.
Luckily the furniture manufacturer information was still visible.
"7105-449-2839 FMSF-71-7A Drexel Furn. Co. 4 774"
A minor repair was required on the front trim on one of the nightstands.
More messy paint lines. I sanded this area off.


I repainted both nightstands in ASCP Louis Blue with Graphite on the top. I try to keep original hardware whenever possible, but in this case the hardware was not original so I selected new knobs which coordinate nicely with the overall look. I didn't snap a photo of the back of the finished pieces, but I did tape off a new border and painted the previous messy edge lines. It's the back of the piece and I suppose it doesn't matter, but I wanted to give the furniture a polished feel. I also sanded off the red paint from the drawers.

Next I sanded both pieces to give a light distressing. After waxing both pieces I added a lightly aged patina which gives a subtle depth to the color. It's a little hard to see that in the photos due to the bright sunlight -- one of those rare events lately as it has been quite cloudy and gloomy. I am not complaining about the sunshine!

Graphite top. It's a little washed out in the photo from the bright sunshine.
But oh the sunshine felt wonderful!
Each nightstand offers plenty of surface storage, as well as storage in
the drawer and deep storage on the open shelf.
Light distressing on the edges.
I love the details and elegant lines!
The open shelves offer great storage for a stack of books.
Or add a basket for storing odds and ends.
New hardware compliments the new color combination.
The drawers are in great shape.
I love the color combination of Louis Blue against black.
Both nightstands were waxed and buffed for a strong durable finish.
One last "after" photo.

Updated 1/2/2015: I was in a hurry to put these in the booth and forgot to take the measurements. I stopped by the booth this morning, and each nightstand measures: 22" wide x 14" deep x 24" high.


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