A Pair of Elegant Nightstands

One of a pair of elegant nightstands.  
A client contacted me to see if a pair of nightstands she had were suitable for repainting. She purchased the pre-owned nightstands at a local shop a number of years ago. Unfortunately when the nightstands were originally painted the surface wasn't properly prepped before a latex paint was applied which resulted in the paint peeling away. Taking some time to sand and apply a coat of primer would have avoided the peeling paint issue. 

Nevertheless these are a great pair of solid wood furniture and they offer plenty of extra storage. She thinks she paid about $50-$60 for the pair. For comparisons purposes, a new nightstand made with engineered wood and laminate would retail new about $60-$70 each. For a comparable new product with solid wood and quality construction it would retail each for $200 or higher. So refurbishing this pair is definitely worth the additional investment to give them a second chance.

I sanded off the old finish on the tops and then applied a coat of pure white followed by a coat of Duck Egg Blue on the exterior. The edges were lightly sanded to reveal hints of white. A shelf pulls out above the doors, but it was difficult to slide it in and out. So I applied wax to the wood runners and now it slides easily. My client requested Duck Egg Blue on the exterior and was going to keep the interior as-is. Although the interior paint was holding up it didn't coordinate well with the new finish. Since I had some extra paint I went ahead and freshened up the interior, too. I finished the entire piece with a soft wax to give it a smooth durable finish. These nightstands will last her for many years to come.

Before. Note the peeling paint on the top. 
The frames around the doors were lightly distressed to reveal a hint of white.

Elegant lines with a hint of distressing around the edges.

The client did not want an antiqued or aged patina.
However, light distressing gives the piece added dimension and character.

The shelf now slides in and out easily.
Light distressing around the edges.
Elegant legs.
A fresh coat of pure white on the interior.
A long lasting and durable finish.


  1. I love how those turned out. The blue looks really nice. Great color choice.


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