Ornamental Metal Scrollwork

When I'm out shopping at thrift stores for furniture I also keep my eyes open for smaller items to sell in my booth. It's hit-or-miss as far as what sells, so I've given up trying to figure that out. Instead, if something catches my eye and the price is right then I buy it. So far this strategy is working well.

I found these two metal scrollwork pieces over the Thanksgiving weekend. They were a little dusty but otherwise in great shape. I painted both pieces in Old White and then wiped off some of the paint to let the original black show through. I sealed the paint with soft clear wax.

I also found a decorative concrete and ceramic finial. I love the shape of the piece and the contrast between the concrete and ceramic.

Back to the scrollwork pieces -- there are two holes drilled in the back which makes them suitable for hanging, but I didn't have time to hang them for a photo shoot. I took them to my booth and stuck them on existing nails, but I need to get back up there and stage them better. If you look closely you'll see they are hanging on opposite walls towards the back of the booth. I'd like to move them more towards the front of the booth and pair them next to each other. In fact I'm thinking that I will take all the wall hangings down and regroup them for a fresh look for the upcoming new year.

Due to other obligations I haven't had much time in the past few weeks to work on new projects. But I'm excited to start back up again as time permits. I'm going to bake cookies with my oldest daughter today, and my youngest daughter will be home for Christmas soon. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.


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