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DIY Pip Berry Centerpiece / Wreath

Easy DIY centerpiece for your table.

Are you looking for an easy way to dress up your holiday table? Today I am sharing a quick and easy method to create a pip berry wreath. I plan to use this wreath as a centerpiece for my holiday table, but you can hang it on a wall or door instead. This is also a fun project to have the kids work on.
The supplies you will need are as follows (affiliate links):
  • Pip berry garland  
  • Craft/floral wire
  • Scissors or wire cutters (the wire I used was thin enough for me to cut with scissors.)
  • Optional: Mason jar, battery operated tea light candle or vase

Wrap the end of the garland once around the mason jar (or vase if you plan to use that) and shape it to achieve a somewhat even circle. Perfection doesn't really matter for this project -- I told you it was easy!

Wrap the pip berry garland around the mason jar to create a round opening.

Cut a piece of craft/floral wire and secure in place.

Cut a piece of craft wire and secure in place.

Continue wrapping the garland and secure in place as you go with the craft wire. I ended up securing in four places (12 o'clock, 3, 6, and 9).

Secure the garland with wire.

After the entire garland is finished I like to hang the wreath up to get a different perspective and then make adjustments as needed. I simply hung the inner circle of the wreath on a nail. But you could create a loop with craft wire if you prefer.

Easy wreath made from a pip berry garland.

And here it is ready for a centerpiece. I added a tea light and shredded paper to the mason jar (although it's difficult to see the candle in the daylight photo). You could use a large candle instead of the mason jar, or a vase with flowers.

Add a vase, jar, or candle to finish the centerpiece.

The jar is placed in the center of the wreath to create a centerpiece.

Easy holiday table centerpiece.

Other than being quick and easy, my other favorite thing about this project is you can quickly convert it back into a garland just by clipping off the craft wire.

There are many choices of pip berry colors to choose from. I also like the garlands with rusty stars.

The colors in this pip berry garland are perfect for Fall and Winter.


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