Early American Style Dresser

Today I am sharing with you an Early American style dresser and mirror that I bought at an auction. It's a large piece and not something that is practical to move constantly. So I put it in my living room until I had time to work on it. After it was finished I put it back in my living room since my booth was full. It's a balancing act to keep the booth stocked and have a supply of inventory ready to go, too.


As I mentioned, it is a large piece. And heavy, too! I cannot even begin to lift it with the drawers in. With the drawers out it is a little easier but it's not something I want to move on a daily basis. It's made of solid wood and the drawers are extra deep which allows for plenty of storage.

My guess is this dresser was manufactured mid-century (-ish). It's not an actual early American piece, but rather a nice reproduction.

The veneer on the original was very pretty, but there was minor wear and tear over the majority of the surface area, so it was ideal for a fresh new look. In addition to the removable mirror, it also has a tempered glass top which was custom made for the dresser. I took the glass off for the "after" photos, but will put it back on when I offer it for sale.


I considered doing something "wow" to really play up the details on the dresser, but in the end I went with an elegant white finish and let the details remain subtle. I think the overall effect is restful and calming which works well for bedroom furniture. I very lightly distressed some areas and gave the drawer fronts a worn heirloom finish to make it appear that it has naturally aged over the years. I'm still debating if I like the worn finish and might tone that down a little before I take it to the booth.

I actually finished the dresser over the 4th of July weekend, and yes it has been sitting in my living room since then. But I finally got the other furniture pieces cleared out so I could snap some photos of this one. But I need to get it out of the house before cooler weather sets in so we can enjoy the fireplace. Since then I've finished more projects and added a few more pieces back into the room!  Honestly sometimes it gets a little crazy around here. My husband takes it all in stride, but I'm secretly hoping he gets fed up one day and says, "Honey, this is crazy; I'm going to buy you a workshop!"

Dimensions: 51" wide x 24" deep x 35" high (height with mirror attached is 70 1/2" high) 


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