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Door Frame Re-purposed into Home Decor

Why you shouldn't throw out your old door.

If you have an old door or window that you're thinking about throwing in the trash then think again! It can easily be repurposed into home decor.

This door was headed to the trash, but luckily the owner asked me if I wanted it before it went to the curb.

Old door rescued from the trash collection.

The first thing I did was tape off the window panes with painter's tape. Sometimes I'll skip this step as it's easy enough to scrape off the dried paint from the glass, but I'd rather tape than scrape since this was a larger project.

Apply painters tape to the glass.

I wanted a bold color, so I chose Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint for the door. The chalk paint adheres great to previously painted surfaces which is perfect for a project like this.

Napoleonic Blue chalk paint is a bold color.

The color is very intense, but it darkens a little after it dries.

First coat of Napoleonic Blue chalk paint.

Old doors and windows make nice backdrops for wreaths or artwork. I added a hook to the front so I could hang a wreath on the door.

Use an old door as a backdrop for a wreath or artwork.

I stapled a piece of burlap to frame on the back of the door and added d-hooks to the top corners so I could mount it on a wall.

Burlap fabric was stapled to the back of the frame.

Burlap fabric and d-rings were attached to the back of the door.

The burlap and the wreath soften up the overall look.

Adding burlap fabric and a wreath softens the overall look of the project.

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Why you shouldn't throw out your old door. Instead repurpose it into home decor.


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