Painted Wooden Bench (SOLD)

We had a break in the cold weather and I was able to get out for some more thrift store shopping. Luckily I had some awesome companions with me to help me decide on what to buy. My shopping buddies were my husband, my daughter Jessica, and her good friend Amanda. Our first stop had some possibilities, but in the end I didn't make a purchase. Since I had shopping companions it limited the amount of space in the back of the SUV, which resulted in passing up some purchases. 

But I scored three pieces at our next stop. One of which is the bench featured in this blog post. Jessica and Amanda took turns sitting on the bench to "reserve" it for me while I reviewed other furniture. Thanks ladies I couldn't have done it without you!

The bench is solid wood and quite sturdy. It was slightly roughed up but overall in great condition. I decided to leave the dents and dings in the top and only sanded a few rough edges to smooth them out slightly. I applied a base coat of Primer Red to the top and then I painted the entire piece black and finished it with soft wax and gave it an aged patina. The bench would work wonderfully in a mudroom or entryway to sit and remove winter boots. It's very versatile as well for extra seating -- pull it up to a table or in front of a fireplace when friends and family gather for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family. My eldest daughter and son-in-law hosted Thanksgiving dinner and the food and company were the best. There have been so many blessings in my life and for that I am extremely thankful. I hope everyone reading this enjoys the upcoming holidays.


Before: The top is well-worn.

The top still has dents and dings, but the finish is still
smooth to the touch and shiny.
Subtle hints of the base coat of Primer Red peaks through.


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