A Work in Progress

     A few minor repairs were necessary. The back of the piece had a hole in it. Although it isn't necessary to the function and won't be seen, I felt it was important to repair. Since my client is on a tight budget I used a piece of wood left over from another project to replace the damaged area (my husband did the actual repair -- thanks honey!). Later, when my client's finances improve, she can replace the entire back to give the piece a more overall finish. However, the back will be against a wall, so it's really not necessary.
Damaged in back.

Damage on top of dresser.
The chest had a few dings and scratches, most significantly a large scratch/gouge on the top. This was filled with wood filler and sanded (I did the repair!) and can hardly be detected after it was finished. There were a few other minor dings and scratches which I did not repair as the finished product will have a lightly distressed finish, and I think normal wear-and-tear adds to the overall character of the piece.

Wood filler and sanding repaired the damage.

And to keep this blog a piece of non-fiction -- full disclosure here! -- my "client" is my daughter Jessica!


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