Vintage Nightstand (Custom Order)

I recently refinished this adorable nightstand for a client. It was previously painted in gloss black many years ago, but the paint was beginning to chip. My client wanted to keep the black finish but wanted to refresh it.


Did I mention the nightstand is adorable? It has elegant lines and charming details. Unfortunately the veneer on the top was deteriorating quite a bit. I would have liked to either sand or strip off the current layer of paint, but the veneer was too delicate for that process. In the end I did some significant patching and light sanding. The finish on the top is now secure and will last for many years, although the wood itself is not as smooth as I would like. On the other hand it has an almost rustic finish which I think adds to the charm of an older piece. One alternative to achieve a shiny smooth finish on the top is to add a piece of glass to further protect the finish. I will discuss that option with my client.

The other trouble spot was the hardware. My client wanted to keep the hardware unpainted. Unfortunately the last time the nightstand was painted the hardware was either painted or glued to the drawers and I was unable to remove them. I did make an attempt to remove the hardware but didn't want to damage the drawers in the process, so in the end I left them right where they were. The hardware had an aged patina, but along with the patina were areas with splotches of black paint. So I removed as much of the paint from the hardware as I could without damaging the drawers.


In the end it's not a dramatic transformation, but the new finish is fresh and clean and will last for many years to come. Here are photos of the "final" product . . . I am letting the paint and wax cure but am considering a glaze to further darken the finish. I'll see if my client agrees before I proceed. P.S. The finish is actually a little shinier than what it looks like in the photo. I'll blame that on either bad lighting or bad photography :-)


Sweet hardware.

Refinished top.

Back view.


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