Depression Era China Cabinet

I finally finished the china cabinet that I mentioned in a previous post. Actually it was finished a couple of weeks ago, but I just got around to taking photos today. This is the china cabinet that has been parked in my entryway for over a year, and I am so happy to finally have this project finished!


Various photos of "before".

The stamp reads, "BASSETT FURN CO
520 CHINA"
The china cabinet was manufactured by The Bassett Furniture Company and is marked "520 China". My guess is it is circa early 1900's (1920's or early 1930's). The piece overall is sturdy and in good working order. Other than the beautiful veneer on the drawer front, the remaining veneer was in poor condition. Most of the decorative trim had broken pieces. When I purchased the cabinet the glass was cracked, so I had a local glass company install new glass. 

The veneer on the drawer was beautiful,
but most of the moulding was broken.
Sample of the condition the veneer was in.
Normally I make all repairs, paint, and then distress and age the piece. But this time I decided to work with the imperfections. So I focused on only making the absolutely necessary repairs such as removing the loose veneer. I made repairs to some of the broken decorative trim and left some broken pieces as-is. So instead of trying to make it look shiny new, I think the overall feel of the final finish is a well-loved older piece of furniture.


The color scheme I chose is Napoleonic Blue and Cream with accents in Graphite (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products).I sanded the entire piece (interior and exterior) then added a lightly distressed finish and an antique glaze.  Subtle highlights of gold were added to the decorative trim and hardware. I love how these colors contrast with each other! Overall I think the final piece has a regal stature but with an added cottage charm. 

Lots of storage!
After: Drawer
Beautiful curves.
Bold yet curvy.

The china used in the "after" photos is from the same era as the cabinet. It's a 12-piece set and I think it gives a good representation of how much storage the china cabinet offers. 

Hardware after.
Close up of decorative trim. 
Subtle highlights include accents in gold.
The barrel top is painted in Graphite.
Top shelf.
More storage.
Additional storage in drawer.
Regal with cottage charm.

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