Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chest of Drawers - finished!


Here are photos of the finished product with light distressing throughout. The feel is as smooth as silk although variations in color are still visible from the brush strokes. 

One of the great things about this piece is the wheels on the bottom; it makes it so much easier to move from room to room!

Finished hardware.
The original hardware.

Top drawers:Lightly distressed on the knobs and around the edges of the drawers.

A Work in Progress

     A few minor repairs were necessary. The back of the piece had a hole in it. Although it isn't necessary to the function and won't be seen, I felt it was important to repair. Since my client is on a tight budget I used a piece of wood left over from another project to replace the damaged area (my husband did the actual repair -- thanks honey!). Later, when my client's finances improve, she can replace the entire back to give the piece a more overall finish. However, the back will be against a wall, so it's really not necessary.
Damaged in back.

Damage on top of dresser.
The chest had a few dings and scratches, most significantly a large scratch/gouge on the top. This was filled with wood filler and sanded (I did the repair!) and can hardly be detected after it was finished. There were a few other minor dings and scratches which I did not repair as the finished product will have a lightly distressed finish, and I think normal wear-and-tear adds to the overall character of the piece.

Wood filler and sanding repaired the damage.

And to keep this blog a piece of non-fiction -- full disclosure here! -- my "client" is my daughter Jessica!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Chest of Drawers - BEFORE

This is a "before" photo of the chest of drawers my client commissioned me to refinish for her. The construction is solid wood but it obviously has seen better days! It looks a bit dated as well, but with a few repairs and a fresh coat of paint it will have a classic look. The paint she chose is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg.

 The top of the piece had a few scratches which will be filled before applying the paint.

My client, Jessica, has chosen to re-use the existing hardware to save on costs. She can easily change these in the future when her budget permits. However, I had a few round knobs left over from a previous project and she requested these for the top 4 drawers. You can see the color of ASCP Duck Egg in this photo.

The "after" photo will be posted soon!