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A Fresh Look for an Outdated TV Armoire

I finished painting my dated TV armoire, and boy-oh-boy does it look different for about $50* in paint and supplies! I didn't think it was horrible before, but after 20 years it was time for a change. My husband agreed and wanted to mount the TV on the wall, but I really prefer to have the option to tuck the TV away when it's not in use, so we agreed that I would paint the armoire instead.

Today I'll explain the process of how to paint faux wood. If you would rather just see the "after" photos than you have permission to simply scroll to the end of the post!

But first let me assure you that no antique furniture was harmed during this project, ha ha. This cabinet was made in the 1990's and is constructed of pressboard with a faux wood finish. So it's what I would call a cheap finish, although if I recall we paid a pretty penny for it back in the day.

At one time we used it to store VHS tapes and later DVDs. Now I use it to store my paints and suppl…

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