Styling a Vignette for Furniture Photography

Romantic vignette on a painted dresser.

The favorite parts of my job are hunting for neglected furniture pieces and then painting them to give them a second chance at life. My least favorite (besides inventory and taxes) is staging furniture for a photo shoot. I always have a vision of what it should look like, but many times I don't have the staging items on hand that I envision. So I try to make do with what I have. Mostly I try to keep it simple.

I painted this dresser in a soft custom pink. Pinks are difficult for me to capture in a photo, so I tried to incorporate some bright whites into the vignette. I ended up doing a couple of different staging shots. For the first vignette, I tried to incorporate a youthful look and feel. Unfortunately, I don't have nursery items on hand, so I used some scrap wood to make a quick sign. It reads "dream" on one side, and "love" on the other.

Youthful vignette on a painted dresser.

Ultimately I am not sure who my buyer will be. It might be someone shopping for a young girl or perhaps a more mature lady like myself that loves pink. So in addition to a photo geared towards a younger girl, I wanted to try for a more sophisticated and romantic look. Once again with limited staging supplies I was a bit stumped at how to achieve a more romantic look. So I "shopped" around my house and switched out the lamp with another and then added a delicate white shirt to the background. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it will have to do.

Change staging items to create a different mood for furniture photography.

Photo Effects:

I wanted an even more romantic look, so I played around with my photo editor to create the mood. These are edited to include an effect called "dusk". It's so soft and pretty! I will use unedited photos for the photos that I post for sale, but I thought these were fun, so I thought I would share them with you today.

Romantic vintage dresser painted in a soft pink.

I think it looks a bit more vintage and dreamy with the enhanced light effects.

Use of photography editor effects can change the mood of the photo.

The lamp is actually quite bright in real life, but it casts a golden glow in the photo.

Romantic shabby chic style.

Here's a quick sample of how the different effects create a different vibe.
Side by side comparisons of various photo editing effects.

OK enough of my romantic nonsense! Here's a behind the scene shot of what's actually behind me while I was shooting the dresser:

Behind the scenes on Staging Day.

I commandeered half of my husband's office to use for furniture photography. The set up changes almost daily, so it's sort of fun to watch my husband walk into his office and be surprised at what he will find. He's not one for change, but he's very supportive of my furniture business, so I appreciate his patience with the continuous chaos.

This is the view into my photography staging area. It changes daily.

I will post more about this project (the before, during, and after) in a separate post. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the staging photos. Since I'm usually behind the camera I thought I would include a photo of myself with my husband. We were being silly with matching sunglasses.

Team members of The Black Sheep Shoppe.

And just for fun, here's an example of different photo effects using Silverscreen, Gritty, Posterize, and Daguerreotype.

Samples of photo effects.

For furniture photography I use my photo editor mainly use the crop and rotate functions. But for family photos it's fun to play around with different effects.

Polaroid frame and yester-color photo effect.

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