Planting My Wildflower Garden

Planting a wildflower garden.

This post is a follow up to the garden area I used to stage my "Local Honey" sign on a previous post. Thank you to everyone for your positive feedback on my sign! And for those of you that asked about planting a wildflower garden, I prepared a quick post.

I have a little used area at the side of my house that needed some landscaping. We had planted viburnum shrubs there when we first moved in and supplemented the shrubs with annuals until they filled in. But eventually the shrubs contracted a disease and had to be removed. I've tried some other flowers and greenery over the years, but I don't have a green thumb, so nothing really thrived. Mainly because I forgot to water the plants during the hot dry spells in the summer. Also the weeding seemed to be endless. I needed something that was very low maintenance.

So a couple of years ago I cleared the area and planted wildflower seeds hoping they would be low maintenance. So far so good! I initially planted seeds designed for sunny locations. This year I am supplementing with some added seeds designed for a shade mix just to make sure I cover all the bases.

Shade mix of seeds for a wildflower garden.

There are directions for planting on the packet. But instead I put some gardening soil in a cup and then added the seeds.

Shade mix of flower seeds mixed in with gardening soil.

I used a plastic spoon to stir up the mixture.

Mixing the gardening soil with the wildflower seeds.

Then I spooned the mixture into the garden area.

Spoon the garden soil and seed mixture throughout the garden area.

Now I get a rainbow of colors throughout the summer. I have never watered the garden and it seems to do just fine on its own. And as the garden progresses, very little weeding is required.

Wildflowers starting to bloom in early summer.
Wildflowers starting to bloom in early summer.
It looks a bit haphazard as the flowers just start to bloom. So I'm thinking about making a sign to hang on the side of the deck that states "wildflowers". By mid-summer last year there was a lot of purple, pink, yellow, and orange.

Pops of color are just starting to bloom.
Pops of color are just starting to bloom.
In fact when the garden starts to bloom, with the exception of dandelions, I'm not sure which is a weed and which is a flower. So I wait to see what happens and then weed accordingly.

Hints of purple, pink, and yellow are starting to bloom in my wildflower garden.
Hints of purple, pink, and yellow are starting to bloom in my wildflower garden.
This part of the yard is rarely used, but now I find myself going there to check on the flowers and see what is blooming. It's lovely as the summer progresses and as an added bonus it attracts a lot of butterflies.

My wildflower garden in early summer.


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