Upcoming Project: 1990's TV Armoire

Before TV Armoire

If you've spent anytime in thrift stores, you know that TV armoires are a dime a dozen. Once upon a time they were very popular for housing bulky televisions. With the advent of the slimmer flat screen TVs the trend now leans towards wall mounted options.

TV Armoire with bat wing doors open

Well I'm an old fashioned type of girl, and I don't care for the wall mounted TVs. I like the option of closing the doors and tucking the TV out of sight. This armoire is actually one that my husband I purchased in the early 1990's.

Cabinet pulls

In addition to housing the TV, we used the storage areas to house video cassettes and later DVDs. But now I use it to store most of my painting supplies.

TV armoire used for paint storage

Paint supplies stored inside TV armoire

Color Scheme Inspiration:

I want to refresh the decor in my living room without investing a lot of money. So I've been kicking around the idea of painting the armoire. I liked the color scheme of the candle pillars that I recently painted, so I suggested the color scheme to my husband, and he (surprisingly) agreed to it.

Candle pillars painted in Coco and Old Ochre

The colors used on the candle pillars are Old White, Coco, and Old Ochre.

Color inspiration for TV armoire in Coco and Old Ochre

Some areas are heavier on the darker color, Coco, and others areas are more predominantly Old Ochre. Old White acts as a subtle background color.

Old Ochre and Coco Chalk Paint


Before I get started on the painting, I think I'll need to replace the back of the armoire (it has a "punch-out" back to it to accommodate a bulky TV and cords), but I might be able to work with it and save a few bucks. I will also need to empty out all my painting supplies as well as the TV. Which is a little inconvenient to say the least. I will keep you updated on my progress, so stay tuned for future posts.


  1. Have fun with your project. I love doing big pieces like armories. I agree with you , I like them for hiding the tv, There is nothing attractive about having a tv hang on the wall.

    1. Thank DiB. I bought my paint yesterday for the project and can't wait to get started.


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