Restoration in Progress: Chairs

Antique chair

I have two antique chairs that I planned to work on this week. Both chairs need repairs to the seats. One seat is missing entirely and the other is broken. I ordered supplies which came in earlier in the week and was excited to get started.

Antique Rocking Chair

I planned to include upholstery tacks into the design. I don't work with those often and never such a large number of tacks. So I decided to practice on a project chair I had stashed away.

Apparently I'm not too good at hammering upholstery tacks as evidenced by the number of broken and bent ones in the photo below. The tacks that actually made it into the chair look like a two year old hammered them in -- not a straight line by any stretch of the imagination! No photo of the practice chair at this point. It's just too embarrassing, LOL!

My frustration levels got a wee bit too high, so I decided to take a break from the project and come back to it in the next week or two.

Broken upholstery tacks

I think the answer to my problem is to pre-drill the nail holes. I'll give that a try next week. If that doesn't work then I might need to get a practice board to work on. Or try another approach altogether for the seats. Not every project is easy, but in the end that can make them more rewarding. (After it's all finished of course!)

Thank you for stopping by today. Hopefully I'll have a couple of finished chair projects to share with you soon!


  1. Fabulous chairs can hardly wait to see the final results.

    1. Thanks Ivory Jean! I've run into a couple of bumps in the road, but hope to have these done relatively soon.

  2. Can't wait to see these chairs refinished. Great pieces!

  3. Hello Patricia,
    It's been a while since I have stopped by to see what you are up to theses days. I can see that you are as busy as usual creating new stunning pieces for sale. I saw also that you were on my Pinterest board Just painting Furniture and made a pin. Thanks. I myself have been so busy this year and just now winding down for the year with outside projects and now with the weather change starting my inside projects. I have three or four projects I never completed last year so I will be working on them to get the done and for sale.
    Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful fall season on it's way.
    Your friend, Greg

    1. Hi Greg, It was great to hear from you and thanks for stopping by. I too am transitioning to indoor projects as the weather gets cooler. I look forward to see what you're working on. Enjoy the upcoming holidays!


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