Kicking Around Some Logo Designs

No furniture post today!  Eventually I plan to hire a graphic artist to create a logo design, but for now the budget doesn't allow for that luxury (I reserve all my extra cash for furniture!), so I decided to play around with creating one of my own. I didn't want anything elaborate, so I tried to keep it simple with a touch of elegance.

I used PicMonkey's design feature to create these samples. I wanted different shapes available for me to use, but I tried to keep the overall theme the same.

I inserted the designs onto my Custom Order and For Sale tabs to give the designs a test run.




I'm not sure if these are my final designs yet or not. In fact I'm pretty sure I'll tinker with them as time goes on. But it was fun learning how to put the designs together and playing with the different features. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!


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