Shabby Chic Coffee Table

If you follow along you might notice this coffee table looks familiar. I initially gave it a makeover in October last year with a farmhouse style. I wasn't 100% convinced that I liked the color of the stain that I chose for the top, but I decided to wait and see if it sold.

Initial makeover
Extension slide repaired
It did get a lot of interest but alas no sale! I was rearranging the booth recently and noticed that the wood piece that slides underneath to extend the table had worked its way loose and was laying on the floor. So I brought the table home for a repair (luckily it was an easy fix).  While it was back at home I decided to go ahead and repaint the top for a more shabby chic look.

The base of the table has subtle crackling, so to keep a consistent look I added a crackling medium to the top prior to painting.

Crackling medium applied
It was a bit too dramatic . . .

Not the look I was going for!
. . . so I sanded down, painted, sanded, painted, etc. until I got the look I wanted.

Sanding and re-painting in process
Unfortunately, the crackling doesn't pick up in the photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Subtle crackling is there (really!) it just doesn't show in the photo.
Here's a recap of photos from before to after to after again:

After (take 2)
It looks a bit plain in the photo, but the finished product is actually charming with subtle details and a neutral finish that will work with a variety of decor styles, such as shabby chic, cottage style, casual, and yes even farmhouse.

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