November Field Trip at the Lebanon Peddler's Mall

I took the bookcase that I finished to my booth at the Lebanon Peddler's Mall. I'm still working on building my inventory back up, but I took a few shots of my booth that I am sharing with you. No it's not perfect, but if I wait for perfection there won't be any photos, ha ha. Always a work in progress!

There are flat carts available to use at the end of Aisle 2 for moving larger items. I took my cart back and snapped a few photos along the way. Then I got distracted and meandered down some of the other aisles and took some more photos of booths and trinkets that caught my eye. So I'm sharing these photos today to give you an idea of what you can find here. This is only a small sampling. Lots of things for collectors, new and vintage items for decorating, project pieces, finished items, you name it's here.

I snapped the photos on my phone, so some the quality isn't always the best. Then when I uploaded the photos they got out of order, so I'm not sure where all the booths are. I've added comments as to location for the ones I remember.

Funiture pieces at Ally's Attic.

Adorable ornaments at a great price.

Great booth display.

Always a gorgeous display. This booth is near the end of aisles 2 and 3.

The large mirror in this booth caught my eye.

I think it is stunning! And a great price, too!

I know this is in row #9. The name of the booth is Canary Street Crafts which is run by a mother/daughter team. They do great work and I follow their facebook page. Be sure to check them out!

The china cabinet is beautifully finished (the color on my phone camera doesn't do it justice). A simple yet beautiful window frame with a wreath - love!

This chifferobe caught my eye because I'm currently working on one myself. It was towards the front of the store. The exterior finish is in fair shape, but the inside needs some work. I think they were asking $185.

Ooooh a chippy vanity and stool! Row #9.

Primitive cupboard.

Adorable holiday wrapping paper.

I love the layering that was done on the display in this booth.

This booth uses vintage wood ironing boards to display items - fun!

Another fun display. The furniture and the "family" sign caught my eye.

This fireplace facade is quite large and really makes a statement! It is gorgeous.

I think it's a great price for only $200. If I had room for it somewhere I would buy it in a heartbeat.

I love the flags in this booth.

Totally random -- life size football player.

More painted furniture with beautiful fun colors! I think this is in row #6.

Lots of holiday decor items at a booth called "Vintage Treasures".

Same booth but a different angle.

Close up of adorable ornaments!

This booth has tons of holiday decorations in many different styles. A very affordable way to decorate for the holidays.

I liked the jingle bell ornaments. Put them on a cute ribbon and hang them on a door!

Back in Row #9 -- this is a cactus made of horse shoes. It was taller than me. Great gift for that hard-to-shop for person!

Same booth -- toboggans!If you're not planning to use them for tobogganing they would make a great holiday display.

Lots of vintage items in this booth.

I'm not sure what this vintage game is but it would make a great display in a recreation room.

Lots of primitives here.

Vintage meat grinder. I remember my Mom using one of these to make stuffing for the turkey.

More primitives.And a cute milk can.

And more primitives.

A booth called Pickin' Pals had some really cute stuff.

But my favorite item at Pickin' Pals was this vintage muffin tin with candles and spices. It smelled wonderful. What a creative idea.

OK, back to the end of row #2. This booth is next to the flat cart area and is called "Shades of Chic". She sells paint which I haven't tried yet because I have an inventory of paint to use, but it's on my bucket list.

A lovely rainbow of paint colors!

A bright and cheerful yellow nightstand - love!


 And more primitives.

A rusty milk can caught my eye.

This booth smelled really good.

 Vintage Fisher Price cash register - I remember this from when I was a little girl.

Another milk can. I am looking for a milk can for a display at my house.

Vintage wardrobe. Maybe it will make a great project piece?

Great staging for a holiday display.

A winter white booth.

This was just a small sampling of what you can find. There were other fabulous booths that I didn't take photos of because there were shoppers browsing in them. I hope you enjoyed the photos of my visit to the Lebanon Peddler's Mall. Stop by if you're in the area and check out all the wonderful booths! Don't forget to stop by booth #139 in row 5.  :-)


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