Field Trip to the Lebanon Peddler's Mall

It's been busy and hectic the past few weeks. I sold out a few times (yeah!) and also ran out of inventory (boo!), so I've been out and about looking for "new" pieces of furniture to refinish. I've also been working on some craft projects while waiting for paint to dry. And enjoying some unusually warm late-October weather.

I finished up a few new projects which I will share with you soon.

My booth was pretty empty, so we took some time today to drop off a few items to restock the booth. I was browsing around Peddler's Mall (Lebanon, Ohio) and took a few photos while I was there that I will share with you today. My photos don't do the mall justice; there really is something there for everyone. New items, old, junk, rustic, whatever you could imagine. 

Here's a few shots from some of my neighbors' booths in Row #7:

Old metal cabinets. Great for storage!
I think the one on the bottom was priced at $55.

Coffin sample -- really you can find just about anything!

This booth has scented candles and scrubs. It smells delicious!

Great booth display. Love the signs!

Motivational speaking.
Next time I'm there I will take some more photos to give you a better idea of just what you can find at the Lebanon Peddler's Mall. Or better yet, stop by and see for yourself. But be sure to swing by row 5 and visit booth #139!  :-)


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