Desk Part 3: Adding Detail with Raised Stencils

I wanted to give some detail to the panels on the desk, so I placed a couple of orders for stencils. I received one of the stencils but the other stencil is taking its time getting here. It's been over a week, so I decided to move forward with the project since I have other projects waiting in the pipeline.

I went ahead and painted the trim to get a head start while I was waiting for the first stencil to arrive. The weather was off-and-on rain, so I had to work indoors. The best spot was in the kitchen. Every time someone walked by I would shout, "Careful! Wet paint!" I'd shout it even after it dried just to keep everyone on their toes.

I am happy to report that there was no bleed through so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck continues.

Raised Stencils

Have you used the raised stencil technique before? I think it is an awesome way to add subtle detail to a project. Although the stencil itself is quite thin, this technique gives a surprising amount of depth. I chose to add a stencil to each of the four outer panels on the desk. I centered the stencil and then securely taped it. Then I applied wood filler and roughly spread it over the design.

Apply wood filler over stencil.
Next, I removed the stencil and then let the wood filler dry thoroughly.

Remove stencil before the wood filler dries.
After it was dry I sanded the design to the desired level of smoothness. For this project I wanted to leave some texture on the stencil so I didn't sand it completely smooth.

After completely dry, sand it to the desired smoothness.
There are a number of options for detailing with raised stencils. One is to simply paint over it for a subtle look. Or paint and then sand it for a distressed look. For this project I chose to apply a dark base color as shown in the photo below and will add a second color over the top when I paint the panels of the desk. At this point I wasn't concerned about painting it perfectly since I will be applying the other color over it.

Still a work-in-progress.
The next step in the continuing story of this project will be applying the color. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.


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