It Truly is Better to Give

My husband and children have a talent for selecting wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Unfortunately that talent seems to have escaped me. Case in point, I've been wanting to upgrade my husband's desk for a long time now. It's a classic 1980's pressed board piece of furniture, and although it's served us well over the years, it is dated. I actually like dated furniture because that usually spells b-a-r-g-a-i-n and makes for wonderful transformations. But I don't like the style of his desk, so I've been looking for a new (translation = newer) desk for him.

Twin Pedestal Desk. 

The Find

I made a quick unplanned stop at a thrift store while out running errands last week. It was on the way so why not? Tucked in the corner was this twin pedestal desk. My favorite style! I love its versatility for furniture placement. You can tuck it against a wall or, because the back is finished, center it in the room. This one was only $25 which was in my price range, and I thought it would be a perfect piece to refinish for my husband for our upcoming anniversary. I paid for it on the spot (all sales final) then went home for my husband and our truck.


My husband didn't bat an eye at my purchase. But when I told him I was going to refinish it for him he flat out said he didn't want it. To be fair, it looks better in the photos than it actually was. The photos were post-scrubbing and disinfecting. And it had dog hair all over it. OK I admit it might not have looked like a gem, but you need vision! My original plan was to re-stain the desk top and drawer fronts, paint the base in a lamp black, and finish the hardware in an oil rubbed bronze. He didn't let me explain that though, and because I know him so well, I knew he was thinking whatever I did to it would look "girly".

Sweet hardware!


I was hurt by the rejection for about 3 seconds. In the end it turned out to be the best gift I gave to someone, because I get to keep it for myself! So I'm changing my initial design plans to something a little more feminine (girly). I cannot wait to get started! Instead of doing my usual before-and-after posts, I will post the step-by-step process so you can follow along.

Lovely trim!


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