Encore! Pink and White Chest of Drawers

You might remember the pink and white chest of drawers that I completed earlier this summer. I was contacted by a client looking for the same color scheme and she asked me to be on the lookout for another piece. Although I wasn't able to find something exactly the same, I was able to find a similar chest. The client approved the new chest, and so the transformation started.


Based on the construction I would guess the chest was made circa 1970's to 1980's. It has 5 drawers with raised panels and a lovely piece of dental moulding across the front. I didn't have to give too much thought into planning since my client asked for the same color scheme as before. Nevertheless, I did have to refer back to photos of the inspiration piece to make sure I replicated it as close as possible.
Inspiration piece.

The inspiration piece had more distressing than I initially remembered. I went ahead and added some light distressing to the new piece but kept it to a minimum. I can always add more or less depending on the client's preference.

Even though I didn't have to give much thought to the color scheme, it was still essential to plan out the painting process especially when painting two colors. It's easier to paint the base color over the entire piece and then add on the secondary color. However, if you add distressing then the base color might show through in areas that you don't want it to.

Since I planned to distress the edges of the raised panels, I knew I would need a clean paint line. I went ahead and painted the outer areas of the drawers in pink but didn't bother to tape off the raised panels. I wasn't concerned at this point about the pink overlapping onto the panels as it is a simple process to wipe off. Just take a slightly damp washcloth and "erase" any of the paint as necessary. I did go ahead and tape off the pink border before I added the white because no matter how careful you are there is always the chance of paint splattering.

Pink paint overlapping onto raised panel.
I "erased" the overlap with a damp washcloth. 


And here is the finished chest of drawers!

The color scheme is Antoinette Pink
and Old White (ASCP).

View from side.

Light distressing added to edges.


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