Vintage Bookcase - Chateau Grey & Old White

I buy a lot of furniture to fix and resell. It's a balancing act to know just how much you need because you need to have projects in the pipeline, but you don't want too many in case sales are slow. Some days it feels like my house is starting to look like a furniture store. But still I need more! I'm starting to wonder though if it's becoming a problem. For instance, one day last week my husband came home from work and the following conversation took place:

I won these!
Jeff: "Where did that furniture on the porch come from?"
Me: "What furniture?"
Jeff: "The bookcase and the little chair."
Me: "Oh yeah, that furniture! I won it!"
Jeff: "Won it? Was it free?"
Me: "Well not exactly. I won it from an auction and had to pay for it, but still I feel like a winner!"

I went for the bookcase because I need something for the booth to display small items on. I currently have a (hideous) shelf unit that this will replace.

It's hard to see the brownish paint under the dust. :-)
It's a vintage bookcase that had a good exterior finish, but the interior was previously painted in a brownish oil-based paint that wasn't properly applied. I gave it a rough sanding and painted the interior in Old White and the exterior in Chateau Grey. I added highlights of Old White to the exterior grooves to balance the colors.

I really like this color scheme, in fact this would make a great companion piece to the end table that I recently finished. 

Chateau Grey is a heavy color, but the Old White lightens it up. It is a neutral grey with green undertones and looks lovely with pinks and blues, but it's versatile and pairs well with other colors, too. My booth has white walls which we are not permitted to paint, so having something neutral with a pop of color will help.

Waterfall top.

Distressing added around the edges.

Lots of storage.


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