Bench - Chateau Grey & Scandinavian Pink

I took a few quick photos of this bench before taking it over to the booth. It is painted in Chateau Grey with hints of Scandinavian Pink peeking through. Many times I will paint furniture in more traditional colors to appeal to a wider audience, but sometimes I like to paint in fun colors. And this is certainly a fun color combination! I think it will look adorable in a sun room or on a patio surrounded by a rainbow of blooming flowers. Come on Springtime!


Before. Photo-bombed by a cute little doggy!
Here's a before shot. At first glance I thought I could simply refinish the wood, but as I got into the process of cleaning, it became apparent that the finish was in worse shape than I first thought. So much for a quick turn-around, but no worries since I like to paint furniture.

BTW Did You Hear that I am Amazing?

Written proof that I am AMAZING! Ha ha!
Usually I will buy paint in nearby Waynesville at the Winsome Cottage (fabulous store!), but my schedule didn't permit a trip there this week. So if I can't make it to the local store then I order my paint from The Purple Painted Lady. (I don't have any affiliation with the store; just sharing where I get my product.) She has a lot of great instructions and tutorials on her website from which I have learned a lot. So I support her store whenever I need to order Annie Sloan Chalk Paint online. She also does a great job with marketing and making her customers feel special! It's such a little thing, but the package comes addressed to "The Amazing Patricia Kocsis". And boy-oh-boy did I need a pick me up this week, so I was super-excited to not only (1) get my paint -- in a quick 2 days, but (2) also to get a bit of encouragement.  It sure put a smile on my face!

Hello from New York!
You are special! Love!


Painting in between the slats was easier than I anticipated. I used a cheap brush so I wouldn't ruin the bristles on my good brush, and approached it from the underside.
Painting in between the slats.
 I gave the entire bench, including underneath, a coat of Scandinavian Pink. I sort of liked it all pink, but the plan was to tone it down a little with a top coat of Chateau Grey. Speaking of amazing, the temperatures warmed up to an unseasonably warm 52 degrees, so I was able to paint outside. The temperatures plummeted and we got 3 inches of snow that night. But the warm temps were great while they lasted!
Base coat completed.


After the base coat dried I applied two coats of Chateau Grey. I "wet-sanded" the grey to reveal blushes of pink. The entire bench was then sanded to a smooth finish and a coat of soft wax was applied for durability.

Dimensions: 48" wide x 18" deep x 16" high.


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