Ready, Wait, GO!

This depression era china cabinet has been sitting in my entryway for over a year now. I fell in love with it when I first saw it and bought it on the spot. But I neglected to measure it first to make sure it would fit in my SUV. The SUV is a 2000 Ford Explorer bought used and holding up quite well -- it's a "vintage" Eddie Bauer edition and our family refers to it as "Big Ed". I can't tell you how many times we've referred to Big Ed outside of our family circle, as in "let's take Big Ed" or "we'll be right over with Big Ed", and we're always surprised by the reply of "Who's Ed?" He's really one of the family now.

But I digress. I didn't measure the china cabinet, but luckily it fit. Just. I mean it was so close! Lesson learned. Well sort of; I've had a couple of other close calls, but thankfully nothing disastrous. Yet.

Beautiful details on the drawer.
However, there are broken and chipped pieces, too.
But I digress again. So I purchased the china cabinet with the intention of painting it. I didn't want to leave it in the garage, and since it's a big piece I didn't want to carry it down the basement stairs. So we temporarily put it in the entryway. "Temporarily" is used loosely in the last sentence. So why the delay? I couldn't decide on a color scheme. I walked by it a gazillion times everyday and each time I gave it a new color scheme in my mind's eye. White? No. Black? No. Pink? No! Over and over and over again. Until a couple of weeks ago! I painted it in my mind and this time I said "Yes!" So off I went to the store for paint, and now I am committed. I'm a little nervous about my choice of color scheme, but I am excited, too!

A little rough around the edges.
I removed the shelves (there's a trick to it) and will begin painting those today.  The back of the barrel top needs a few repairs, so I am starting that today, too. The length of this project will be dependent on the winter weather as I will need to take it outside for multiple sanding sessions. "After" photos coming soon -- weather permitting!

Update: See the finished china cabinet.


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