The Funky Table That Was

Finished: Painted and stained.
I wasn't sure what to call this table that I picked up at a thrift shop, but I finally decided to call it "The Funky Table". Why? Because the colors were black, red, and purple, the drawer had two round knobs in it (off-center), and the drawer opens but the top also opens to reveal the drawer. 

It was a bargain so I snatched it up! Initially I planned to use it as-is to either display items in my booth or for a small work bench. In the end I couldn't resist giving it a quick coat of paint and stained the top. Wa-lah! Much better. 

Before.  Black base, purple drawer, unfinished top. Inside the drawer it was bright red.

After: The top is stained, base is re-painted black, and a new knob added.

Drawer. Previously bright red.

The top opens, too. 

I will use this as a display table in the booth.


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