It's Too Early for Christmas!

Basket with Folk Art Style Santa
I usually don't even start to think about Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. And I admit I have never even gone shopping on Black Friday and probably never will. Usually I start my shopping in December.

But with the booth this year I had to start giving some thought about Christmas beforehand. I like to keep my decorations at home simple and few -- just using basic items (tree and a wreath) and a few key pieces that I love and cherish. And I will follow the same philosophy for the booth this year.

I loved working on the rustic wood sleigh!
It will make an awesome decoration as a centerpiece
or as part of a holiday vignette.
I am posting a photo of a few of the Christmas items that I made and will take to the booth this week. I have a few more items as well that I will add over the next few weeks.

I scored an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner from my daughter and son-in-law. This will be their first year hosting Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to it! They are busy sprucing up their new house, but I hope they take time to enjoy themselves, too. What are you doing to get ready for the holidays?


  1. You must have nerves of steel! I get all my shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving!


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