Furniture Hunting

Last Friday my husband and I were going to a nearby Italian restaurant to pick up a pizza for dinner. I was in need of a few small pieces for my booth, and I was able to talk my husband into making a quick stop at a thrift store on the way. Luckily he agreed to stop. Surprisingly he agreed without complaint -- I must say he has been supportive of my small business.  
1920's China Cabinet.
I have another one waiting to be refinished,
but this one is a little smaller.

Well I didn't find a few small pieces and I thought I was out of luck, but then I found a couple of larger pieces! I just couldn't pass these two up. We didn't have our truck with us, but I was able to purchase the items that night and return the next day to pick them up. Actually we had to make two trips since they both wouldn't fit in the truck together. So three trips total plus hauling furniture in and out without any complaints. And that folks is how I spend my weekends! 

1920's dresser.
I am currently working on both pieces and will share the "after" photos soon. I've added a couple of other projects to my Upcoming Projects page.
Mirror that goes with the dresser.


  1. Lucky you getting those great finds! Can't wait to see how you do them!


  2. Absolutely love these pieces. Exciting

  3. Nice finds... I can't wait to see how you they turn out! Please share!

  4. They are almost finished Camille. I will share the final pictures soon. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Great finds and yes lucky your husband agreed to stop.I can relate to your gratitude to your husbands support.Our garage is full of furniture awaiting revival at present.My husband doesn't mind and even picks it up for me!Looking forward to your reveals.

  6. Thanks Ali! I would like to see some of you reveals, too.


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