A Work in Progress - Booth #139

A work in progress. I am learning as I go.

OK this is definitely a work in progress, and I hesitated about sharing photos of the actual booth. It's just not set up the way I want it. I am learning as I go and sometimes you have to make do with what you have.  

I'm working on sprucing up the walls and floors. The Peddler's Mall has restrictions about what you can and can't do with the walls so I need to factor that into my plans as well. I am also working on developing a focus or overall theme for the booth. Once I have that nailed down then I think things will come together.

Speaking of nails, the pictures are randomly hanging on nails left by the previous booth owner. Except for the framed 4 Seasons folk art prints. I posted about those in September, and as I mentioned, I really don't want to sell them so I hid the prints in the back of the booth. But my husband brought his hammer and nails to the booth and displayed them for me. Up front! Oh well they haven't sold yet and I'm OK with that because they will look lovely in MY house.

I snapped the photos at the beginning of October and the booth has changed a lot since then. Right away I see some things that have already sold. Whenever I get a sales report my first reaction is "Yeah!" quickly followed by "Nooooooo!" as I fall in love, and I mean In Love, with each piece I work on.

I went on a few buying trips this past weekend and have added new inventory. I will be taking up some more new products later this week, too. Jeff has been muttering a lot lately and it sure sounds like he has said, "Hoarder" at least a couple of times. He hates the cow in the bottom photo but I think it's hilarious and it makes me smile every time I see it. I called it "Standing Cow" on the tag (never sure what to tag things as) but in my mind I call it the "Laughing Cow". I am chuckling as I write this. LOL :-)

Laughing Cow!!!!! LOL!
Please let me know if you have any booth design suggestions. I am open to ideas!


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