Sunday, November 30, 2014

Painted Wooden Bench (SOLD)

We had a break in the cold weather and I was able to get out for some more thrift store shopping. Luckily I had some awesome companions with me to help me decide on what to buy. My shopping buddies were my husband, my daughter Jessica, and her good friend Amanda. Our first stop had some possibilities, but in the end I didn't make a purchase. Since I had shopping companions it limited the amount of space in the back of the SUV, which resulted in passing up some purchases. 

But I scored three pieces at our next stop. One of which is the bench featured in this blog post. Jessica and Amanda took turns sitting on the bench to "reserve" it for me while I reviewed other furniture. Thanks ladies I couldn't have done it without you!

The bench is solid wood and quite sturdy. It was slightly roughed up but overall in great condition. I decided to leave the dents and dings in the top and only sanded a few rough edges to smooth them out slightly. I applied a base coat of Primer Red to the top and then I painted the entire piece black and finished it with soft wax and gave it an aged patina. The bench would work wonderfully in a mudroom or entryway to sit and remove winter boots. It's very versatile as well for extra seating -- pull it up to a table or in front of a fireplace when friends and family gather for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family. My eldest daughter and son-in-law hosted Thanksgiving dinner and the food and company were the best. There have been so many blessings in my life and for that I am extremely thankful. I hope everyone reading this enjoys the upcoming holidays.


Before: The top is well-worn.

The top still has dents and dings, but the finish is still
smooth to the touch and shiny.
Subtle hints of the base coat of Primer Red peaks through.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Furniture Hunting

Last Friday my husband and I were going to a nearby Italian restaurant to pick up a pizza for dinner. I was in need of a few small pieces for my booth, and I was able to talk my husband into making a quick stop at a thrift store on the way. Luckily he agreed to stop. Surprisingly he agreed without complaint -- I must say he has been supportive of my small business.  
1920's China Cabinet.
I have another one waiting to be refinished,
but this one is a little smaller.

Well I didn't find a few small pieces and I thought I was out of luck, but then I found a couple of larger pieces! I just couldn't pass these two up. We didn't have our truck with us, but I was able to purchase the items that night and return the next day to pick them up. Actually we had to make two trips since they both wouldn't fit in the truck together. So three trips total plus hauling furniture in and out without any complaints. And that folks is how I spend my weekends! 

1920's dresser.
I am currently working on both pieces and will share the "after" photos soon. I've added a couple of other projects to my Upcoming Projects page.
Mirror that goes with the dresser.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Antique Colonial Rocking Chair (SOLD)

Colonial Rocking Chair

What a lovely antique rocking chair! My mom spotted it at a thrift store and snatched it up for me -- thanks Mom! 

The chair is made of solid wood and is both sturdy and structurally sound. The bottom is stamped "Colonial Chair; Bent. & Bros, Gardner, Mass" with the numbers "183-0268". The company was well known for its high quality craftsmanship as far back as the mid-1800's. Based on the design I will guess the date to be circa 1920's.

The chair is refinished in graphite with light distressing and an aged patina. It was hand waxed and buffed for a beautiful finish.

Dimensions: 38.5" high x 19" wide x 29" deep



Damage to veneer underneath the seat, however, the manufacturer's stamp is still clear:
 "Colonial Chair, Bent & Bros., Gardner, Mass."

Numbers stamped on bottom "183 0268"

Before: The finish was 
rough and deteriorating.



After. The finish has an aged patina,
 but it is as smooth and shiny as glass.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Funky Table That Was

Finished: Painted and stained.
I wasn't sure what to call this table that I picked up at a thrift shop, but I finally decided to call it "The Funky Table". Why? Because the colors were black, red, and purple, the drawer had two round knobs in it (off-center), and the drawer opens but the top also opens to reveal the drawer. 

It was a bargain so I snatched it up! Initially I planned to use it as-is to either display items in my booth or for a small work bench. In the end I couldn't resist giving it a quick coat of paint and stained the top. Wa-lah! Much better. 

Before.  Black base, purple drawer, unfinished top. Inside the drawer it was bright red.

After: The top is stained, base is re-painted black, and a new knob added.

Drawer. Previously bright red.

The top opens, too. 

I will use this as a display table in the booth.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Vintage Wood Framed Mirror (SOLD)

This gorgeous mirror has a solid wood frame with high quality construction. The back is stamped "Gebhardt's Furniture Los Angeles". The frame is painted Duck Egg Blue and the trim is painted in Old White; the painted areas were given an aged patina. It has a darling metal container that hangs from two small attached hooks on the bottom of the frame -- perfect for storing items or for creating a vignette. The top center panel is painted in graphite and was left un-waxed so it would be suitable to use as a chalk board if desired. It would make a lovely companion piece to the antique twin pedestal desk.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Repurpose Bed Risers into Candle Holders

Repurposed bed risers
Perfect for a mantle or as a centerpiece.
I just love the way these four candle holders turned out! Grouped together one side spells out "LOVE" and the other side spells "HOME". 


They are actually up-cycled wooden bed risers that I re-purposed into candle holders. I used the same techniques for painting, wax, and transferring a graphic as explained in my previous tutorials:

Wood Bed Risers

After I painted each of the bed risers, I applied the graphic transfers. I printed the letters in mirror image and then applied the paper with the print side down with Mod Podge. 

Tutorial for easy graphic transfer
After it was dry I began wiping away the paper with a wet sponge (visit my previous post for further instruction).

Mason jar lids as candleholders
Creating the candle holders with mason jar lids

I spray painted mason jar lids to hold the candles. I glued scrapbook paper to the inside of the lids and then sealed the paper with Mod Podge. I wrapped the lids with pip berries. I applied liberal amounts of Mod Podge to the base of the tea lights to create texture and allowed it drip down in spots. I finished the tealights with a small amount of dark wax (Annie Sloan).


They look great on a mantle but also work wonderfully as centerpiece on a table since both sides are finished. I used battery operated tea lights, but real candles would work just as well, too. 

DIY Candle holders
DIY Graphic Transfer
And below are the front views of the final candle holders.

Repurposed bed risers into candle holders

Repurpose bed risers with paint and graphic transfer

I purchased the bed risers at a thrift store, but if you cannot find a set secondhand then I'll include an affiliate link below to a set sold on Amazon. Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Woodend Bed Risers

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's Too Early for Christmas!

Basket with Folk Art Style Santa
I usually don't even start to think about Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. And I admit I have never even gone shopping on Black Friday and probably never will. Usually I start my shopping in December.

But with the booth this year I had to start giving some thought about Christmas beforehand. I like to keep my decorations at home simple and few -- just using basic items (tree and a wreath) and a few key pieces that I love and cherish. And I will follow the same philosophy for the booth this year.

I loved working on the rustic wood sleigh!
It will make an awesome decoration as a centerpiece
or as part of a holiday vignette.
I am posting a photo of a few of the Christmas items that I made and will take to the booth this week. I have a few more items as well that I will add over the next few weeks.

I scored an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner from my daughter and son-in-law. This will be their first year hosting Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to it! They are busy sprucing up their new house, but I hope they take time to enjoy themselves, too. What are you doing to get ready for the holidays?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Antique Twin Pedestal Desk (SOLD)

Antique Twin Pedestal Desk with Rope Trim

This is a beautiful antique twin pedestal desk with rope trim, circa early 1900s. It is in structurally sound condition but does have minor wear consistent with its age. The young lady I purchased it from told me that three generations of teachers in her family used this desk for teaching. It apparently was also used by children for studying and craft projects based on remnants and markings left in the bottom of the desk drawers! It is lovely to find a piece so well loved by a family.

Graphite, Duck Egg Blue, and Old White
The top of the desk was refinished in Graphite, the panels and drawers are Duck Egg Blue, and the trim and hardware is Old White. The entire piece was given an aged patina and then hand waxed and buffed for a strong durable finish.

Drawers are lined with removable liners
There are seven drawers total offering plenty of storage. Two small drawers, two medium drawers, two deep drawers (suitable for file folders), and one center drawer. Each drawer has been lined with removable drawer liners in a modern design which contrasts beautifully with the antique exterior.

This is a beautiful piece that would serve well as an office desk or would make a perfect addition to a craft/sewing room. The dimensions are 43"L x 22"D x 30"H. Two people can easily carry the desk; however, Peddler's Mall has flat carts available at the end of aisle 2 for moving larger items. Save your back and use the cart!

The back is also finished making it suitable for center room placement.

Additional view 1
Additional view 2